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Some make us look foolish,

and some make us look wise.

We are imperfect mirrors

for each other’s lives.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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Our human arrogance may well cause our demise

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Both on a personal level and as a species, we humans tend to consider ourselves as very special. Individually that feeling is motivational. It’s what keeps us striving to achieve our personal dreams. Collectively it has driven us to achieve wondrous things.

But we want them to have meaning and we want to understand their causes

photo by author

Being a fellow human with experiences similar to mine, you may already have an understanding of the picture above. It’s a photo of a skylight with leaves on it. …

My respectful disagreement with Dylan Thomas

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Dylan Thomas is one of my favorite poets. I particularly like his “Fern Hill,” a wonderful evocation of happy childhood innocence and its mournful loss.

But I disagree with the message of one of his most popular poems, “Do Not Go Gentle Into That…

Headline: Facebook to hire 10,000 to build “metaverse”

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We humans have always sought temporary escape from difficulties of our biological existence. …

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Some of us are actual writers, but all of us may be thought of as writing the stories of our lives, however difficult, boring, disorganized or rambling they may be.

Writers differ in how we do our writing, both among each other and even, ourselves, from one piece to another…

How we describe and build our human reality with language

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Most of what we say and write has purpose — the why of it — what we are intending to accomplish by saying it or writing it.

What we say and write also has structure — the discrete components, including…

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When we are born, we discover the amazing bodies that our brains inhabit, with skin that feels, noses that smell, mouths that suck, ears that hear, eyes that see, arms and legs that wave about, and fingers that we can move before our eyes. …

Photo by Joey Genovese on Unsplash

Garden Path Sentences are so named from the phrase “to lead someone down the garden path” — that is, to deceive a person in a sequence of steps. In the case of sentences, the phrase refers to ones that mislead us into parsing and interpreting them incorrectly.

Here is a…

Jim Mason

Studies language, cognition, and humans as social animals. Also does wordworking and sells no-cost insurance for lucky accidents.

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